Brand vision and values

Our Vision: We aspire to transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent, and sustainable socially responsible business.

Our Mission: We strive to do so by:

1. Educating consumers about Organic and Non-GMO foods

2. offering healthy alternatives –compromise-free products that we give to our own children and families

3. giving back to our community

Green Organic Market: Food that’s Grown by our Mother Nature

Green Organic Market is a Company that sells a number of healthy and organic non-GMO foods such as potato chips, instant oatmeal, cereal, candies, etc… in Kuwait. Green Organic Market is recognized among the healthy organic food enthusiasts, as being an upcoming distributing company for many unique organic brands offering a vast list of healthy, low fat, high protein, and low calories products. We really care about every tiny detail that’s related to our food brands, so we also target many diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, vegan, Atkins, and many others.

You are what you eat, so make it a count!

Usually, organic food is not tasty but still, it is considered as a healthier choice. Therefore, in Green Organic Market we always focus on many different factors such as organic, tasty, to be consumed on daily basis, targeting all family members, substituting the conventional famous brands, and finally offering healthy alternatives. That’s how we make our products to be part of your daily lifestyle.

We will change your thoughts about Organic!

Organic food means free from any genetically modified food, artificial additives, artificial flavors and colors, sewage water, hydrogenated oils, and pesticides. Thus, we always make sure to teach our customers what they are buying, so we can build awareness among them in order for them to spread that info among their family members.

Not only Organic & Non-GMO but also so Delicious!

We are very proud to change the thoughts of thousands of our customers about how organic food can be really tasty. With our brand’s quality, we were able to gain the trust of many consumers and stay up ahead against our top competitors because of our brands’ taste.

A simple idea to such great limits!

Green Yummies started from scratch by 3 partners “in November 2013” and today we have reached thousands of loyal customers all over Kuwait and some of the neighboring GCC countries. Today, we are happy to say that we are distributing our products to more than 30 hypermarkets all over Kuwait, more than 45 trolley branches, few cafes, and restaurants.

Importing the best quality brands from all over the world!

We didn’t stop at distributing in the Kuwaiti region only, but also we started to distribute to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and soon Oman. We would love to spread the unique brands we carry and we would be more than happy to have more and greater customers enjoy our delicious products.

We have changed lives to so much better ones!

We are proud that we are supporting a couple of local hospitals with our organic Candies since they are considered as kids friendly especially for the cancer patients. We started working with Bayt Abdullah and NBK hospital since 2017 and we have sponsored until this date all of their kids Qirqai’aan and we have been very proud in being part of such a great cause. We continue to offer our loyal base of customers unique alternatives to make their health so much better without having them to be bored with what they eat.

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